Introduction of the Spring Foundation Junior Docent Program
As a foundation of a private enterprise, Spring Foundation, based on the mission to give back to the society and the faith to promote culture of arts, initiated Junior Decent Program in 2013. With the collaboration with National Palace Museum and the Taipei American School, we jointly constructed a fostering platform of guiding docents. Since the first term in 2015, the program has fostered dozens of outstanding junior docents. To combine the existing arts education resources of National Palace Museum with the language advantages and public speaking skills of Taipei American School students, the program aims at jointly fostering junior docents to give guided tours in English and reserving international trainees for guided tours in the museum.
Program Review
Implementation of the Plan
  • Selection of Trainees
    The Taipei American School publicizes the program on campus and recruits students, selecting 10 students in the 9th to 12th grades to participate in the program.
  • Training Program
    Time: The summer session of the Taipei
    American School (between every June and July). Hours:Four weeks (140 hours in total) training courses. Faculty:Co-teaching of English volunteers and school teachers. Curriculum:Chinese history, the knowledge of such antiques as jade, ceramics, bronze, calligraphy and painting and auspicious symbols etc. as well as docent experience and techniques for public speaking and so on.
  • Assess and Award a Certificate
    The training results of students have to be evaluated by "presentation" and "final evaluation at NPM galleries". Trainees will be awarded a certificate after passing the tests.
  • Touring Service
    Time: Trainees have to perform the touring services within the term. Service object: Foreign guests of the Taipei American School and parents. Purpose: To increase the opportunities for student to perform touring services.
Feedback from Participants
Student Presentation Titles of Current Year
Pieces from the NPM I would steal. Never Have I ever Ancient Chinese Alcohol. Evolution of Drinking Su Dongpo’s Cold Food Observance Chinese Art: Through woman Imaginary Creature in China Different Religions in China Imperial woman of China Music in Chinese Culture Concubines and Art Fire in Production Religion in China Dog in China Dragon